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Experiencing the Everett Art Walk

A Walk to Remember in Everett

If you’re in town, this is an inspiring evening of the arts in Everett as the local business come together to celebrate the arts on this night each month. It’s a showcase of great visual, literary and performing artists hailing from Everett and from other regions about. It is locally called the popular Everett Art Walk and people from miles around fill the strip just walking in leisurely and curious fashion.

Often, you find the usual participating businesses. Along Hewitt Avenue itself, visit the Black Lab Gallery, where they say “art doesn’t suck”, with a featured emerging or known contemporary artist displaying his or her works. It even has its own brew bar. Or perhaps you’d prefer another beer joint on the same street, The Independent Beer Bar, with 16 taps of beer and cider to choose from.

If wine is more to your taste, the Port Gardner Bay Winery is the place to hang out in their new location in Rucker Street. For your tattooing and piercing needs your go-to shops are the Lion’s Paw on Wetmore and the Sunken Ship on Hewitt, and get tattooed by some of Everett’s celebrated tattooists.

Another art space to see is the Artspace Everett Loft on Hoyt Avenue, where Everett’s young and emerging artists live and work. See their varied forms of art in painted and sculpted expressions. A full service photography solution, Clear Image, located in Colby avenue, caters to all your photo needs. The Anchor Pub is a concert venue, bar and restaurant, and the place to eat healthy is the Valley Organic Deli for your meals, served fresh, organic and different. These are just some of the participating businesses you’d encounter if you walk the Art Walk in Everett.

Living near Art

Stay close to the action every Art Walk event if you stay at our hotel in Everett. Don’t miss this once-a-month celebration of art and performance. Every third Thursday of the month, from 6PM to 10PM, a strip of avenue in Everett comes alive in lights, colors and sounds celebrating art and a few other things besides.

The Charm of Everett’s Museums

A Collection of Museums for the Whole Family

Everett boasts of a couple of history-rich aviation museums plus other museums that are as engaging, educational, and inspiring to kids and adults.

The Flying Heritage Museum located in Paine Field, Everett offers aeronautical discovery of largely combat aircraft used in the last world war with the latest technology of the time. Aircraft from Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, and the US, where some are the last surviving units of its kind, can be appreciated on the grounds or when they take to the skies. Small by standards, the museum’s rare offerings are unquestionably authentic.

Another museum, the Museum of Flight Restoration Center in Paine Field Airport also, is a restorative museum and a reserve collection where volunteers work thousands of hours to accurately restore acquired planes to their original aesthetics and function. The public is invited to see on-going work on these vintage planes.

The Schack Art Center features art work exhibits from local and international artists, also professionals and emerging artists. It has first class production studios for learning art, art sales and auctions, and even a glassblowing experience.

At Imagine Children’s Museum, a fun space for kids 12 years and below, near the Schack Art Center, is a multi-awarded art center with a water-play area and a rooftop playground.

Learn and Enjoy and Live Close By

Have your hotel stay with us when you visit Everett and bring your entire family to explore the city’s museums. Your Everett hotel, the Quality Inn and Suites, is your affordable, yet full-amenity accommodation in the very heart of the city.

See How We Build Planes in Everett

What’s inside Boeing?

Surely you have flown on a 747 in your lifetime and must have wondered where they build those
jumbo jets. While Boeing’s corporate offices are headquartered in Seattle, a much larger manufacturing plant, the size of 40 football fields, sprung in Everett in the 1960s to be the birthplace of the 747, the world’s most recognizable aircraft. After its maiden flight in 1969, the 747 held the largest passenger capacity record in the next 37 years with over 1,500 jets made in Everett since.

The much admired company opened its doors for public tours of their massive facilities so that everyone can have an appreciation of great American aviation ingenuity spread in 90 acres of land making it the biggest manufacturing building in the world, where over 30,000 aerospace employees call home. Boeing Everett receives 1,000 visitors every day.

Your tour begins at the Future of Flight Aviation Center in Seattle. Then the tour of the Assembly Plant follows in Everett where you can watch how the 747 and other Boeing jet models are put together. It’s a great getaway for kids and the family.

Staying Close By

Join thousands who have explored Boeing Everett which counts US presidents, foreign dignitaries, astronauts, and other celebrities as guests of their facilities. Plan your trip and pick Quality Inn and Suites to stay. We are just 3.9 miles away from the Future of Flight. Enjoy the 90-minute tour, a one-of-a-kind experience, only in Everett.

Business Events in Everett

Making or Breaking an Event

Planning your next business meet out of town? Choosing the right hotel is a daunting task and if it falls on your shoulders to see that it runs as smooth as silk, you’d be mindful even about the little details. Sometimes, an unforeseen little glitch can break your event. Location of the venue, the budget, and must-have amenities merit some serious consideration. If you have settled with your deciding factors , then coordinating with your hotel’s event planner is the next best thing on the list.

Why our Everett Hotel is Your Best Choice

Quality Inn and Suites boasts of a prime location, right in the heart of the city of Everett, connecting to transport links from all over the locale. Our hotel is conveniently located just off Interstate 5 and 128th street, on the North East Corner. We are just 7 miles away from Downtown Everett, close to many places of interest, including bars and restaurants, including shopping and recreation centers.

We can accommodate to up to 86 people in our banquet room, spacious enough for stage, podium, backdrop, a plenary-seating arrangement, and other add-ons such as flowing coffee. We also can offer you a smaller for groups of up to ten. To compliment your meeting needs, our Business Center will be made available 24/7 for copy and fax services, international calls, as well as computer workstations with fast internet access.

Also talk to us about the room needs of your participating staff, so we can make room arrangements shuttle services, and parking privileges that suit your budget. For all our check-in guests, we provide complimentary, hot continental breakfast like no other in similar hotels in Everett.

When you’re in Everett for a business meet, drop us a line. We make great events happen.

The Foodie and Leisure Traveler in Everett

Dining Experiences while You Travel

Hotels have their share of leisure travellers who come and go for a couple of night’s stay or longer, exploring places, eating out, shopping for mementos, or just about enjoying for any reason that involves pleasure in doing what they’re doing. Many of them are foodies – crazy about cuisine explorations and seeking new food experiences. They usually don’t plan what to eat, but find the spontaneity of discoveries as part of the leisure-hunting.

Many come to Everett and let themselves loose in the city. Everett is a coastal, picture-perfect city of numerous dining possibilities for our leisure-traveller foodie. Staying at an Everett hotel, the Quality Inn and Suites, brings the traveller nearer to tasting the vibrancy of Everett’s food fads.

Foodie in the City of Everett

From just across our hotel, your first encounter will be with the Shawn O’Donnell’s Restaurant and Irish Pub. It’s a family restaurant that serves American grill favorites with their Irish happy hour bites and pub drinks. Emory’s on Silver Lake is another spot just 1.2 miles away that serves American cuisine, steaks and seafood. It features the largest outdoor lakefront deck in Snohomish County. You will love the views.

If you love creative Greek and Mediterranean food, try Cafe Neo on Mill Creek, just 1.5 miles from the hotel. If it’s Japanese sushi, just 0.8 miles away this time and still in Mill Creek, explore one of Washington’s best Asian restaurants, the Sushi Zen, where their variety of fish is endless. For Mexican and some Caribbean specialties, go to the very popular Azul Tequila Lounge, one of the most highly reviewed eating spots in Mill Creek.

When you have satisfied your food exploits for the day, come home to your warm bed in Quality Inn and Suites, your hotel in Everett.

The Business Traveler at Everett Hotel

A Good Night Sleep

There are many business hotels around with top rate amenities like fancy board rooms and sprawling conference halls, and yet a frequent business traveller is just another tired guy who needs his good night sleep. Apart from a warm, comfortable bed in a clean, fresh-smelling space, the guest also looks forward to the amenities he paid for with good dollar.

Feedback tells of what a discerning business traveler values most in a hotel of choice. He would prefer some must-have amenities, like a fridge, a microwave oven, a coffee maker. Imperatives also are a good-sized desk to work on, fast wi-fi, and a phone for local and overseas calls. A soft sofa and a TV would be great distractions if he wants to relax. Waking up to a hot complimentary breakfast, a 24-hour business center, a gym facility would make good business sense in hotel practice.

Not in the least will our travelling guest appreciate excellent concierge service, shuttle service, laundry service, and of course, dining options on-site and in proximity, including shopping.

Look No Further

Our hotel in Everett satisfies these standards without straining budget and yet the customer gets great value for money. Quality Inn and Suites anticipates the needs of the lone business traveller and understands why comfort and convenience are necessary in a home-away-from-home scenario. We offer a valid middle-ground of luxury and affordability in Everett.

Are You Hotel Hunting in Everett?

What makes a good hotel?

Finding good hotels is not an easy task these days with tough competition around. We know that good accommodations are not just clean rooms and soft pillows. It is an interplay of an assortment of goodness that delights guests and they apply across different hotel categories, from budget lodgings to luxury quarters. Let’s look at what the experts say as the recognized parameters.

  • Location
  • Feel-at-home rooms and suites
  • Cleanliness and orderliness
  • Staff skills and courtesy
  • Value-added amenities

If you choose Quality Inn and Suites, you’ll agree that its proximity to major routes and places of attraction is a great plus. Even our standard rooms provide that comfortable feeling of home, our suites are spacious quarters with full amenities. And see that cleanliness and orderliness are observable traits in our rooms, hallways, dining and kitchen areas, our reception, and even our parking spaces.

We choose and train our personnel carefully and utmost courtesy and helpfulness and prime qualities. They love their work and the hotel is their second home. Not in the least, Quality’s value-added amenities make it standout among hotels in its category.

Great Value for Money

Our Everett hotel is a perfect fit for the discerning guest. Our affordable rates do not mean we skimp on those amenities that guests have the right to enjoy staying so far from home. We invite you to visit and stay and see for yourself that Quality Inn and Suites meets the most important standards of good hotels.

Nile Shrine Golf Course

Nile Shrine Golf Course

If you’re in the world of business, you might be familiar with a little game called golf.  Indeed, a lot of big players on the corporate scene know that many a big deal can be won or lost depending on your ability to either win or pretend to lose out on the green.  So if you need a place to face off against your new partners, or if you need a few holes to get some last minute practice in, consider the Nile Shrine Golf Course.

Just a short drive south from our Everett hotel, Nile Shrine is a public course that offers a quality golf experience amid classy digs and compelling scenery.  These full-service facilities feature eighteen holes, a pro shop, and a versatile golf center that can handle anything from a wedding to a business meeting.  Get on the phone now to plan your next function in style!

To learn more about Nile Shrine or to reserve the facilities, check out their website here.

Traxx Racing

Traxx Racing

Do you remember the thrill of a childhood go-kart track?  Do you ever wish you could return to the miniaturized raceway, stepping out of the world of stoplights and rush hours and immerse yourself back into the roaring, speeding fun that driving used to be?  If so, take a little trip west from our Everett hotel to find Traxx Racing!

Traxx is an indoor go-kart raceway, providing the karting experience to drivers from three years old to adulthood.  Reach speeds of up to thirty-five miles per hour on a real, gas-powered kart!  And after your race, you can try out the climbing wall, the Velcro wall, the bouncy basketball house, and an arcade full of video games, pool, and air hockey.  Bring your friends, host your next party, or just go down and burn off some steam with Traxx Racing!

You can read more about the raceway by visiting their website here.

(photo: traxxracing.com)

Meadowdale County Park and Beach Trails

Beach Trails

Need to find a good hiking trail near our Everett hotel? Try out the Meadowdale County Park and Beach Trails.

This park, located to the south of Everett near Edmonds, features simple, scenic hiking for people of all ages and skill levels. The whole family can enjoy two and a half miles of high-quality outdoors, including a pristine beach. The natural beauty of the region grants limited access to cars, so as to deliver a splendor that is both unspoiled and uninterrupted by the trappings of civilization. One of Washington’s best hikes, and a must-see for hiking beginners and nature lovers alike.

More Info: Meadowdale Beach Trails