Fishing, Boating and Movies near Hotel in Everett

Family Fun Time at Silver Lake

Silver Lake is one of Everett’s neighborhoods and is heavily urbanized. Located 5.5 miles south of Everett along the Bothell-Everett Highway, Silver Lake is 104.3 acres while the watershed is 970 acres. The lake has an average depth of 24 feet and a maximum depth of 51 feet. There are three parks around Silver Lake, one of them is Thornton A. Sullivan Park on the west side of the lake and has many recreational opportunities.

This 35-acre lakeside park features swimming, limited boating, a playground and wooded trails. You will also find a picnic shelter and a waterfront access.

The Thornton A. Sullivan Park host many family fun activities as well. Take fishing, for example. Professional enthusiasts and newbies will delight in the fishing prospects of Silver Lake. During the months of April, May and June, expectations for Rainbow Trout are good, turning fair from July onwards. Prospects for fishing Rock Bass and Yellow Perch are also good but for longer, from April to September. However, if you’re lucky, you might also catch Kokanee and Largemouth Bass.

The park is also open to boating activities such as kayak paddling and hydroplane races. Because the lake is small, can be circumnavigated in only 30 minutes, boat activities are limited. Nonetheless, Silver Lake is popular for paddling for its proximity to many, it is good for beginners, and the presence of birds – gulls, red-winged blackbirds and eagles – make it a birdwatchers’ nook.

Another Thornton A. Sullivan Park attraction is the Everett Cinema Under the Stars. Enjoy a movie on the beautiful park lawn of Camp Patterson Field on a giant outdoor screen with the sky as your roof. You can bring blankets and chairs; admission is free though snacks are available on cash basis. Once a week, set on Fridays, one movie is shown after a 7:30 p.m. pre-movie entertainment. This weekly family event is put on for free by the City of Everett during the height of summer. It’s great to see 500 or so people at the outdoors enjoy a movie under the stars.

A Vacation Treat without Leaving Home

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