Food Trucks come to Everett

A Food Craze Comes to Everett and Stayed

Are you familiar with food trucks? They’re large trucks on wheels that sell food, including cooking them inside from scratch. They come by your street, park where people see them and people line up to grab some quick lunch, snacks or dinner. They have built-in kitchens with freezers and ovens, making sandwiches, hamburgers, french fries, and other regional fast food items. They have become quite a phenomenon, and these days are also into gourmet foods and ethnic dishes. Call it the street food industry, with food carts and food booths, they serve an estimated 2.5 billion people every day.

Food trucks are ‘hip’ and popular in metro areas, suburbs and small towns. Generally brightly colored and creatively built, they are a magnet for people from all walks of life. Food trucks can have a semi-permanent to a permanent location, and sometimes you’d find a city having its own food truck park. They offer people the chance to eat gourmet food, prepared by gourmet chefs, who are sometimes the owners of the food truck.

They are also being hired for special events and are options for weddings, school events, movie shoots, and corporate gatherings. Being mobile, they also carry advertisements and promote brands. These trucks are carefully monitored and are subject to documentation, licensing, legal procedures and sanitation inspections, all for public health and safety.

Everett was recently a testing ground for downtown food trucks to serve Friday lunch crowds – a first for the city. Three food trucks started off in Colby Avenue on a weekly base and the craze is catching on among the Everett populace – employees, families, and social media fans. They have had pizza, Asian, Mexican-style and southern California fare. It came as an offshoot of the Food Truck Festival held in Everett last August 2016 when more than 20 trucks descended on Colby Avenue for a festival.

Food Truck Explorations near Everett Hotel

Staying at our hotel in Everett, the Quality Inn, brings you close to ‘Food Truck Fridays’ in Everett. Visit Wetmore Theater Plaza and grab a bite to eat at some trucks lined up there. Or go to 1831 Silver Lake Road, newly opened for more food trucks, running weekdays from 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 7pm. Explore the excitement of street food in Everett – delicious and affordable.