See How We Build Planes in Everett

What’s inside Boeing?

Surely you have flown on a 747 in your lifetime and must have wondered where they build those
jumbo jets. While Boeing’s corporate offices are headquartered in Seattle, a much larger manufacturing plant, the size of 40 football fields, sprung in Everett in the 1960s to be the birthplace of the 747, the world’s most recognizable aircraft. After its maiden flight in 1969, the 747 held the largest passenger capacity record in the next 37 years with over 1,500 jets made in Everett since.

The much admired company opened its doors for public tours of their massive facilities so that everyone can have an appreciation of great American aviation ingenuity spread in 90 acres of land making it the biggest manufacturing building in the world, where over 30,000 aerospace employees call home. Boeing Everett receives 1,000 visitors every day.

Your tour begins at the Future of Flight Aviation Center in Seattle. Then the tour of the Assembly Plant follows in Everett where you can watch how the 747 and other Boeing jet models are put together. It’s a great getaway for kids and the family.

Staying Close By

Join thousands who have explored Boeing Everett which counts US presidents, foreign dignitaries, astronauts, and other celebrities as guests of their facilities. Plan your trip and pick Quality Inn and Suites to stay. We are just 3.9 miles away from the Future of Flight. Enjoy the 90-minute tour, a one-of-a-kind experience, only in Everett.